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.Friday, 30 November 200711:00 PM

band. look at this seriously. what's the point of having the committees thinking through so much just for you people? you people, are you changing your attitude? what for having so much fun, and you are not contributing? WHAT'S THE POINT? CAN SOMEONE JUST BLOODY HELL TELL ME ABOUT IT!?

we just want you to change ur attitude. is it that difficult? can you people just treat people nicely? even to strangers? if you can't, then what makes u so sure that you can survive in the economy next time?? of all the lecturing, all the talking, all the punishments you all had received, you all just think that it's just a useless speech/act right? what's the point of having such nice blog. such nice friendster account etc. but with a bunch of terrible people inside?

go and seriously think about it.

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One Band, One Sound ; Heart on Fire, Mind on Ice

.Sunday, 18 November 20075:25 PM

hey band members.. here are the band practices updates.
Pls note down if u still dunno..
Nov prac: 20, 21, 22, 27, 29
Dec prac: 27 n 28
pls be punctual n remind ur friends ard u abt the band practice.
thank you very much.

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One Band, One Sound ; Heart on Fire, Mind on Ice

.Saturday, 17 November 20074:45 PM

Pics Time =DD
(only got this few for the time being)

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One Band, One Sound ; Heart on Fire, Mind on Ice

.3:48 PM

Hi all. Just dropped by to update on our Thailand trip.

Day 1 : Some of our band members & other ppl came to school in the afternoon to move the instruments & guzheng things as while as other things that needed to be checked in the airplane. Once reached the airport, waited and waited before can board the plane. Reached Bangkok at about 11+ spore time. Checked in Hotel and rested.

Day 2 : Headed for Ammuaysilpa School. our main purpose for visiting Thailand. According to the tour guide, it is a very well know school that have produced more than 5 Prime minister if I'm not wrong. What a honour to know a school better than Raffles Institution. Went for Thai lessons and lunch. After lunch, we are needed to perform. First performance in Thailand. Performance wise, quite good and more than we expected. Thais are so polite and attentive. Not a single person talk or anything when we are performing. they gave us our fullest attention. Back to lessons. After that were basketball match between PSS & AMMUAYSILPA . Friendly game and headed back to hotel for dinner and rested.

Day 3 : Went back to Ammuaysilpa School. What a memorable day for me. Played Thai traditional games and guzheng performed. After lunch, mingle around wiv the Thai students and took photos. So many ppl took photo wiv me n kok bin. LOls. Lunched at school and headed for Mercy Center. A orphanage in Thailand. played wiv them and enjoyed ourselves them. dinner at hotel as usual.

Day 4 : Went to Jatujak Market. Similar to bugis street singapore. But 10 tiems bigger. Spent whole morning there before Mrs Owyong left. She needed to go back to S'pore to look after her kids. lunched at nearby restaurant. After lunch, went to a slum area where we perform again. Lousy performance as we dun have time to warm up and tune. But still continued wiv it. No choice. Learned to appreciate whatever we have. Dinner at hotel and free time. Rest were our privacy. =DD

Day 5 : Breakfasted and headed out of Bangkok to Ayyutthaya. The history of the town sounded deep. Shopped and visited a handicraft village. Lunched and visit a Thai Doll House. Learnt to make miniature clay Dolls. Checked in at Buffalo village in Suphanburi.

Day 6 : After breakfast, headed for Rice Planting. Traditional Ways of rice farming. Using buffalo instead of tractors. Saw the buffalo sh!t as fertilizers. Headed to a elementary school after lunch. Performed there but some of our band members are feeling unwell. Our main trumpeter, Kok Bin, and trombonist, Si Pei, both vomited. But they still have the will to continue their performance. We should have this kind of attitude in our Band. The care n concern from other members should be brought back to Spore to other members. CIP work were sweeping the school premises. Team work made our job easier. Dinner at headed back to Bangkok.

Day 7 : Went to Hukkies Bag Factory. Tour around before heading for lunch. After lunch, shopping time. SHOP, SHOP, and SHOPPED. all the sickness are gone. hahs. Dinner at a seafood restaurant. Hosted by the Rotary Club of Bangrak. Bubbled wrapped all the percussion instruments and slept.

Day 8 : Free time in the morning and headed for MBK again. a shopping mall. about the size of plaza Singapore, but bigger. Checked out of hotel and depart for airport. Check in and took last group photo. some of Ammuaysilpa came to sent us off. felt quite sad leaving. Boarded plane and back to Singapore. Some of us stayed back to help moved the instruments and other things back to school. HOME SWEET HOME after that.

pictures coming later. =DD

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.Wednesday, 14 November 200710:49 PM

People, seriously think about it.

Our band now have changed every single thing and the whole system. the committees sat down to talk, discussed and realised that after SYF, the band had lost its discipline and attendance is falling tremendously.

We set new rules, new punishments, everything new. almost like a newly formed band. The committees also discussed that our attitude needed to be changed. we are seriously turning everything around and hope that all of the people that had been missing in band will turn up. the sec 1s, if you feel that band now is very tiring, try to think back.. most of you had participate in syf as only a sec1. its a once in a life time chance. to take part in syf not even 1 year in band. During the syf period, training have been 10 times or even 100 times more tiring then now.

Ms ten had let go and became less strict to you guys. The seniors all said that Ms Ten had changed. If u think she is very fierce and is picking on u mostly, it's all because she wants you to play well and soar in band. Ask your seniors, ask them how Ms Ten is like in the past few years. compared Ms Ten now and the past. She been very kind to your now and every little thing your complain. Appreciate what you have. Be glad that you have such a good conductress to teach your music. Have confidence in yourself. dun jus think that you cant play your instrument and just give up. it means you are saying yourself a failure. be constant in your attendance,come for weekly practice and holidays practices and i believe you can play your instrument very well. Believe in yourself. Make the best of everything. " Music is not easy, that's why you need effort, attitude, & discipline. Being a band member is easy, being a band member with that above, isn't easy. No one is ever that perfect yet, so everyone improves, grows, & learn. Together as a band. "

One Band, One Sound. One for All, All For One.

Thank You

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One Band, One Sound ; Heart on Fire, Mind on Ice

.Saturday, 10 November 20077:34 AM

hello guys..i'm sipei.. we r now in BANGKOK.... its fun here n gerald n kok bin met alots of girls...hahaha
our daily activities-
day 1: fly from singapore to bangkok. have onli 3 hrs of slp to next day..
day 2:visit amnuay silpa, socialise n perform..
day 3:go to amnuay silpa agn.. but onli for half day..all not bear to leave..take alot of photo, kok bin receive 90 chocolate stick from a girl.. hahaha..after tat visit mercy centre, whr kids thr r very poor..
day 4:which is today..first we r gg shopping..den to another sch to perform..
tats all i wanna say.. we'll update agn if can.. cya.. bye!

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One Band, One Sound ; Heart on Fire, Mind on Ice

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PUNGGOL SECONDARY CONCERT BAND, also known as PSSB, was established in 2001. Through the years, with the support from the School and Teachers, PSSB have managed to overcome challenges and achieved beyond boundaries.

The Band has been under our Resident Conductress, Ms Ten Rong Rong, since our founding days. Under her baton, the Band participated in her first ever SYF in the year 2005, attaining a Bronze Medal. Since then, PSSB has maintained her standard and earned her well deserved medals in both Year 2007 and 2009.

Being part of the Performing Arts Group, the Band has constantly been part of the school’s celebration. From CNY Concert to the Annual Speech Day, PSSB is always there to bring entertaining music to the crowd. Apart from that, the Band is also nicknamed as the heart-beat of Punggol Secondary’s Marching Contingents.

PSSB started its very own mini-concert last year, specially organized for the members’ parents for their continuous support for the Band. The Band also performed in her first joined concert at TPY HDB HUB in 2006. In 2008, the Band was also involved in the Performing Group Concert held at the NAFA.

Together with Ms Ten and the teachers, PSSB is confident that we can continue to strive and attain higher standards of musicianship and also the passion for music in years to come.


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Quarter Mistress : Ainul Mardiyyah
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