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.Sunday, 16 March 20089:01 PM

To all Band Members.

Please be reminded that on this Monday, 17 March, and next Monday, 24 March, there will be Band Practice.

For Lower Secs. Please report in Music room by 2.30pm sharp to set up ur instruments.
For Upper Sec. Please report for Band once u are being dismissed at 3pm.

P.S. We may need to move to the AVA room for our practice.

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One Band, One Sound ; Heart on Fire, Mind on Ice

.Wednesday, 12 March 200811:20 PM

To all band members,

Pls be reminded to bring ur consents form and medical form lastest by tmr(13\3\2008) if u had not submitted.
Ppl without the form pls come n find sipei for it.

Thank you for ur cooperation.

Copyrighted © Punggol Band

One Band, One Sound ; Heart on Fire, Mind on Ice

.Tuesday, 11 March 20083:51 PM

march holiday practices.

dates are out!

-10march'08 [sec 1; 12.30pm-3.30pm] {sec2-5; 12.30pm- 7pm}
-12march'08[sec1-5; 9am- 4pm] 4Es & 5Ns {after your lessons, then go for practice}
-13march'08[sec1; 12.30pm- 3.30pm] {sec2-5; 12.30pm- 7pm}

P.S for 12march'08, please wear pe attire[top&bottom] and also bring extra set of clothes. for those who have band tee, you may wear your band tee plus pe shorts. and group leaders, remember to bring your flag!!!

SEC 1s, those who have yet pay their band tee money, please pay up by 14march'08. seniors, who wants to buy, you can order too. please make your payment to the band secretary.

Thank you.

Copyrighted © Punggol Band

One Band, One Sound ; Heart on Fire, Mind on Ice

.Wednesday, 5 March 200811:30 PM

March holiday, games' hour groupings.

Group 1.

-Pei Yi
-Joey [big]
-Tze Mun
-Xieng Hui

Group 2.

-Wee Kit
-Yee Zheng
*Hui Jun

Group 3.

-Kok Bin
-Hui Ting
-Joey [small]
-Jing Yi

Group 4.

-Mei Ling
-Wan Theng

Committee’s group.

-Pei Wen
-Si Pei
- Hui Jun
- Gerald
- Dorothy
- Samantha
–Jue Pei

*-CMs will help out in the groups that some are being allocated to.

1st name that appear in the group will be the leader of that group.
Lastly, group members, you're assigned to come up with a group name,
find a day to meet your members out & make a group flag.
CMs that are in that group,
you should be there in their group meeting to assist them.
Leaders who don't have their group member's number, you can find out from either Sipei or Jiahui.

Copyrighted © Punggol Band

One Band, One Sound ; Heart on Fire, Mind on Ice

.Sunday, 2 March 20089:19 AM

message to the band seniors. [sec2-5.]

for those who had stayed till 7pm on last friday, please meet in canteen tomorrow [3rd march '08] at 3.15pm. because we'll have to move our instruments back to the music room from the basketball room. Thus, we'll need your help to move it back.

Lastly, all CMs & SLs. after the moving back of instruments, we'll have a meeting to discuss the schedule for the march holiday practices. i believe you all have already received the message from Sipei. Thus, this is just a reminder to all. Please be at the meeting so that, you won't miss out the things the rest of the CMs/SLs have discussed.

Thank you.

Copyrighted © Punggol Band

One Band, One Sound ; Heart on Fire, Mind on Ice

.Saturday, 1 March 200810:06 PM

Dear band members,

Chij st theresa's convent will be having a fun fair at 19 April 2008.
From 9 to 4 p.m. Coupons will be sold at $10 each.
If u're interested, pls inform sipei, n we'll all be gg together as a group.
Any enquiry, pls sms or ask sipei personally.
Pls tell me latest by fri,(07-02-2008).

Thank you.

Copyrighted © Punggol Band

One Band, One Sound ; Heart on Fire, Mind on Ice

.9:40 PM

Reminder To All Sls,

Pls remember to collect all the birthday dates of ur members n giv it to either Sipei or Jiahui.
Latest date to submit the date will be next fri, 7 march 2008.
As for the sec 1s, pls be cooperative, do not giv the wrong bdae.

Thank you.

Copyrighted © Punggol Band

One Band, One Sound ; Heart on Fire, Mind on Ice

♪ The BAND


PUNGGOL SECONDARY CONCERT BAND, also known as PSSB, was established in 2001. Through the years, with the support from the School and Teachers, PSSB have managed to overcome challenges and achieved beyond boundaries.

The Band has been under our Resident Conductress, Ms Ten Rong Rong, since our founding days. Under her baton, the Band participated in her first ever SYF in the year 2005, attaining a Bronze Medal. Since then, PSSB has maintained her standard and earned her well deserved medals in both Year 2007 and 2009.

Being part of the Performing Arts Group, the Band has constantly been part of the school’s celebration. From CNY Concert to the Annual Speech Day, PSSB is always there to bring entertaining music to the crowd. Apart from that, the Band is also nicknamed as the heart-beat of Punggol Secondary’s Marching Contingents.

PSSB started its very own mini-concert last year, specially organized for the members’ parents for their continuous support for the Band. The Band also performed in her first joined concert at TPY HDB HUB in 2006. In 2008, the Band was also involved in the Performing Group Concert held at the NAFA.

Together with Ms Ten and the teachers, PSSB is confident that we can continue to strive and attain higher standards of musicianship and also the passion for music in years to come.


Monday: 3.30pm to 6.30pm
Wednesday: 2.30pm to 6.30pm
51 Edgefield Plains, Blk G Level 4
Music Room a.k.a BAND ROOM

BAND Structure

Overall Teacher in Charge
Miss Cindy Chia

Teachers in Charge

Mdm Siti
Mr Lee

Committees of year 2012
Band Major : Chin Jia Hui
Drum Major : Pamela Teo Sher Ni
Asst. Drum Major : Justina Lim Shi Pei
Informatics officer :Chiam Zheng Xi
Uniform officer :
Welfare Officer :Anjana Raveendh
Quarter Mistress : Ainul Mardiyyah
Head Librarian :Han Yang
Librarians : Han Yang,Justin lim


Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging for Concert Bands 2005 (Bronze)

Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging for Concert Bands 2007 (Bronze)

Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging for Concert Bands 2009 (Bronze)

Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging for Concert Bands 2009 2011(Bronze)

Past Performances

'Concert at the Hub' @ Toa Payoh HDB Hub Auditorium (2006)

Overseas Performance in Thailand '07

Secondary 1 Orientation Camps

Assembly Performances

Chinese New Year Celebrations

National Day Parade

Speech Day Performances(Indoor & Outdoor)

'All That Sound' Band Concert (2009)

'Synergy' Combined Performing Arts Concert (2008)(2010)(2012)

Various Music Exchanges Program in the & other Schools

Sing; Talk

♪ Band Members

♪ Flute♪
Han Yang

♪ Oboe♪
Chin Jia Hui

♪ Clarinet♪
Chiam Zheng Xi
Quek Fu Cheng
Pamela Teo
Lau See Yin
Cheryl lim
Jing Wen
♪ Bass Clarinet♪
♪ Saxophone♪
Wei Hao
Jie Ying
♪ Tenor Saxophone♪
Foo Wen Ling
♪ Baritone Saxophone♪
Vernon Go
♪ French Horn♪
Bi Yang
♪ Trumpet♪
Zheng Long

♪ Trombone♪
Xieng hui
Chia Hwe Huang

♪ Euphonium♪
Ker Ming

♪ Tuba♪

♪ Percussion♪
Chiang Pei Yi

♪ Alumnus ♪
♪ Flute♪

♪ Clarinet♪
Jia Jing
Joey Zheng

♪ saxophone♪

♪ French horn♪
Joey Wong

♪ Trumpet♪
Kok Bin

♪ Trombone♪

♪ Euphonium♪
Quek Weekit

♪ Tuba♪
Tze Mun

♪ Percussion♪

Other Band Blogs

Band Fusion
Percussion Section
SengKang Symphonic Band
Canberra Symphonic Band
Henderson Concert Band
PeiHwa Concert Band
Jurong Symphonic Band


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